Tuesday, June 23rd, 2014  - a successful first season

The first ever season of Cross Arabia Challenge kicked off from Cairo on June 13th. For the following eight days, fourteen motorcycle buffs took part in the 2,300 km adventure of a lifetime.


These adventurers got to experience riding through some of the most scenic terrains of the Middle-East. Traveling from Egypt to Jordan and back, they rode through 9 cities, vast deserts, two seas and two continents.

Following the three successful seasons of Cross Egypt Challenge, the organizers of this unique cross-country rally set their sight on the Middle-East. With the aim of promoting tourism in the Middle-East, Cross Arabia Challenge was conceived.

The introductory season of Cross Arabia Challenge covered the route between two of the most picturesque countries in the Middle East; Egypt and Jordan. Cross Arabia Challenge 2014 launched from Egypt's famous capital, Cairo, on Friday 13th of June, at dawn.

Fourteen riders headed towards the Sinai Peninsula where they made their way towards the coastal city of Nuweiba. This 640 km ride was the longest one for the duration of the challenge. After spending the night at Nuweiba, the riders made an early start to catch the ferry across the Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan. There, they enjoyed six of Jordan’s top tourist destinations: Aqaba, Petra, Karak, Amman, Jerash and the Dead Sea.

After spending five days taking in Jorden’s sights and sounds, the riders made their way back to Egypt. They spent the night at the world famous resort city of Sharm el Sheikh before heading back to Cairo. The Cross Arabia Challenge concluded at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Motorcycle riders from Romania, Brunei, Germany and Egypt converged to Cairo to experience some of the Arab World’s finest cities and its most adventurous roads. The eight day challenge combined an across continent adventure with pure riding pleasure.


  Thursday, June 5th, 2014  - Only few days to launch

Only few days are left to witness the launch of the first season of Cross Arabia Challenge.


On June 13, 2014 Cairo will witness the kick off of the new rally series Cross Arabia challenge. For the following 8 days, our participants will be hitting the roads between Egypt and Jordan before returning back to Cairo on June 20 to finish their legendary journey under the great pyramids of Giza.


You can follow the rally's live update on both Facebook and Twitter between the dates of June 13 and 20, 2014.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrossArabiaChallenge

Twitter:       www.twitter.com/CrossArabia


  Sunday, March 2nd, 2014  - Change to route

A change to the route of the introductory season of Cross Arabia Challenge was announced earlier today. A new enhanced and longer route has replaced the existing one, adding an additional 200 km and an extra stop at Jarash in the North of Jordan.


In addition to the increase of the route, the duration of the challenge was reduced to 8 days in total instead of 9. The reduction in days allows better km distribution per day in most legs of the challenge and adds a more challenging sense to the entire route.


Registration fees has accordingly dropped to reflect the reduction of hotel stays. Please visit our route and rate pages for more information.

  Thursday, January 16th, 2014  - Registration is open

Registration for the new series Cross Arabia Challenge is now open. A limited number of riders will be invited to the first ever season of the new series. Interested riders around the globe are welcome to register for Cross Arabia Challenge through the following link: www.crossArabiachallenge.com/registration.html


The 2014 season of Cross Arabia Challenge includes a carefully planned route that passes through many of Egypt's and Jordan's finest spots.


  Wednesday, January 1th, 2014 - New route is determined

The route for the introductory season of Cross Arabia Challenge has been determined. This year, the first ever season of Cross Arabia Challenge will witness a fascinating route that run between two of the most sightful countries in the Middle East, Egypt and Jordan.


The 2014 season of Cross Arabia Challenge will start from Egypt's famous capital and the home of the great Pyramids and Tahrir Square then head to the Sinai Peninsula before crossing the Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan to enjoy 5 of Jordan's top destinations: Aqaba, Petra, Karak, Amman and the Dead Sea before heading back again to Egypt and ride along the coast of the Red Sea to enjoy the world famous resort of Sharm Elsheikh. The challenge will then head west back again to Cairo to conclude the amazing route under the great pyramids of Giza.

  Sunday, December 1st, 2013 - A new series is planned

After the success of Cross Egypt Challenge, a new endurance rally series is planned to launch at the beginning of 2014.


The new rally series will feature a much wider scope for adventure and sport enthusiasts from around the globe, and will run throughout the Middle East and Arabia. The new event will feature a different route every year through some of the most amazing spots in the region.







13 - 20 JUNE, 2014
Day 1: Early AM: start from Cairo, Egypt
Ride for 640 km (Estimated time: 8 hours)
PM: arrive to Nuwebaa, Egypt and overnight
Day 2: Early AM: Ferry to Aqaba, Jordan
PM: arrive to Aqaba, Jordan and overnight
Day 3: Early AM: start from Aqaba, Jordan
Ride for 315 km (Estimated time: 3.5 hours)
stops: visit to Petra, Jordan
PM: arrive to Karak, Jordan and overnight
Day 4: Early AM: start from Karak, Jordan
Ride for 130 km (Estimated time: 1.5 hours)
PM: arrive to Amman, Jordan and overnight